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Design Your Own DSL with Groovy
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by Guillaume Laforge on Mar 26, 2010 |

Guillaume Laforge explains what makes Groovy to be better suited to create a DSL: closures, meta-programming, operator overloading, named arguments, a concise and expressive syntax, demonstrating how to write a DSL in Groovy.


Guillaume Laforge is Head of Groovy Development for SpringSource, specification leader of JSR-241 which controls the development of the Groovy language, and a frequent conference speaker at JavaOne, SpringOne, QCon, the Sun TechDays, and JavaPolis. He has co-authored “Groovy in Action” and founded G2One which was later acquired by SpringSource.

SpringOne 2GX is an annual event; it includes a technical exploration of the Spring ecosystem along with the latest developments in the Groovy/Grails space. As a participant, you will have the opportunity to attend two great events at one venue. Whether you're a Spring enthusiast, Tomcat user, Groovy/Grails fan, or just interested in open source development, you'll find valuable content in sessions presented here

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