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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Examining Low Pause Garbage Collection in Java

Examining Low Pause Garbage Collection in Java



John Oliver takes a look at both G1 and Shenandoah, explaining how they work, what are their limitations, providing tuning advice. He also looks at recent and future changes to garbage collection.


John Oliver has performed research and development in many languages for 15 years, on various platforms from microcontrollers, robots, simulations, desktop applications and web services. He currently works at jClarity developing performance monitoring tools for the JVM, applying machine learning techniques to solve the problem of detecting and diagnosing performance problems.

About the conference

The Docklands.JLC is a community for Java developers and those with an interest in the JVM to get together monthly in the Docklands. The Docklands.LJC is proud to be part of the London Java Community.

Recorded at:

Apr 26, 2016

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  • Great Talk

    by Walter Hill,

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    Enjoyed this talk and the subject was explained very well

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