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Max Protect: Scalability and Caching at



Sean Comerford unveils’s architecture, what components are used and why, and the current changes the website goes through.


Sean Comerford is technical lead of the Site Architecture team where be combines his passion for sports and technology to better serve sports fans. Sean's primary focus is building highly scalable, loosely coupled systems that power many of ESPN's digital properties, including the internet and mobile web sites. He has previously worked at, Sun Microsystems and IBM.

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QCon is a practitioner-driven conference designed for team leads, architects and project management. The program includes two tutorial days led by over 80 industry experts and authors and three conference days with 18 tracks and over 80 speakers covering a wide variety of relevant and exciting topics in software development today. There is no other event in the US with similar opportunities for learning, networking, and tracking innovation occurring in the enterprise software development community.

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Feb 06, 2012