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Through the Lean Looking Glass



Christophe Louvion tells the story of an online advertising company which had to give up using Scrum because it did not create enough business value although the development was delivering working software. They chose to use Kanban instead, applying Lean principles at all levels of the organization, resulting in true self organizing teams, accelerated rate of change, and better financial results.


Christophe Louvion started working on shopping search engines as VP of Engineering at Shopzilla, he was the CTO of Gorilla Nation, an online advertising company, and currently is the CTO of Citysearch. Louvion is a Certified Scrum Coach, and an active member of the Lean-Agile leadership community.

About the conference

Lean Software and Systems Conference 2010 — the place to learn about Lean, Pull Systems and Kanban. Understand how established industrial engineering theory can apply to software development process. The conference will assist organizations that depend on software – from start-ups to those that build complex, software intensive products, systems & services – with the application of Lean Thinking throughout the enterprise.

Recorded at:

Jul 26, 2010