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InfoQ Homepage Presentations WebSockets: The Web Communication Revolution

WebSockets: The Web Communication Revolution



Brad Drysdale makes a case for WebSockets, comparing it with current solutions – HTTP, AJAX, Comet-, and showing its low overhead and latency, making it a better solution for today’s web applications.


Brad Drysdale is the Technical Director in EMEA for Kaazing. Before joining Kaazing, Brad was Technical Director for Azul Systems in EMEA, and before that he managed a team of pre-sales professionals at BEA Systems in Australia. Brad has also worked at Openwave and Netscape Communications in various pre-sales and technical evangelist roles. Brad founded and runs the London HTML5 User Group.

About the conference

The « What's Next » conference will be the biggest Java event ever organized in France as of 2011, gathering the vibrant French community. It will gather all the most important Java experts of the world around various high-level interventions. The goal of this annual conference is to bring the audience the most up-to-date information on the new and emerging technologies around the Java platform.

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Sep 09, 2011