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Writing a Technical Book



Eric Merritt, Martin Logan and Richard Carlsson share their story, the challenges and lessons learned along the way as first time book authors (“Erlang and OTP in Action”) from engaging into such a project, coming up with a TOC, reviews, production, print and working with the publisher throughout all the phases.


Eric Merritt has done concurrent languages and distributed systems both as an employer and Open Source for the last ten years. Martin Logan has been heavily involved with the Erlang community since 1999 being interested in distributed systems and service based design. Richard Carlsson has been involved with Erlang since the mid-90s being one of the original High-Performance Erlang group members.

About the conference

The Erlang Factory is an event that focuses on Erlang - the computer language that was designed to support distributed, fault-tolerant, soft-realtime applications with requirements for high availability and high concurrency. The main part of the Factory is the conference - a two-day collection of focused subject tracks with an enormous opportunity to meet the best minds in Erlang and network with experts in all its uses and applications.

Recorded at:

Oct 13, 2010