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Did We Leave Leaders Behind?



Tomasz Kropiewnicki discusses what needs to happen to be agile: leaders need to go first, coaching not training, mindset not practices.


Tomasz Kropiewnicki is an Agile Coach and Delivery Consultant on a mission of discovery. He spends his days creating high-performance teams and helping organizations reach excellence in software delivery and portfolio management. Recently he’s been busy with helping a global retail bank leading the Agile transformation in one of its units.

About the conference

Many thanks for attending Aginext 2019, it has been amazing! We are now processing all your feedback and preparing the 2020 edition of Aginext the 19/20 March 2020. We will have a new website in a few Month but for now we have made Blind Tickets available on Eventbrite, so you can book today for Aginext 2020.

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Oct 18, 2019