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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Rise of the Machines – AI in the Agile World

Rise of the Machines – AI in the Agile World



Aidan Casey examines the AI capabilities available today in simple layman’s terms and explores how these will be used to augment and shape the Agile world of tomorrow.


Aidan Casey is a senior manager at Johnson Controls where he leads the delivery a cloud-based machine learning platform for smart buildings. He has over 25 years’ experience working with leading global brands and start-ups performing leadership roles in Agile transformation, architecture and software delivery.

About the conference

Many thanks for attending Aginext 2019, it has been amazing! We are now processing all your feedback and preparing the 2020 edition of Aginext the 19/20 March 2020. We will have a new website in a few Month but for now we have made Blind Tickets available on Eventbrite, so you can book today for Aginext 2020.

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Aug 12, 2019