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LeSS Huge at BMW



Konstantin Ribel, Craig Larman discuss how the BMW driverless team was set up based on LeSS Huge, and some of the successes and problems encountered along the way.


Konstantin Ribel is a Scrum Master of the LeSS Huge adoption at BMW Group’s Autonomous Driving division. Craig Larman is co-creator of LeSS and co-author of several books on scaling Lean & Agile development. Craig has served as a LeSS consultant at BMW, Ericsson, JP Morgan, Cisco-Tandberg, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Alcatel-Lucent, UBS, bwin. Nokia and Siemens.

About the conference

LeSS attempts to define the barely sufficient needed for large-scale development. It avoids adding additional roles, artifacts, or processes, as it realizes the drawbacks of these additions.

Recorded at:

Dec 09, 2018