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InfoQ Homepage Presentations The Chameleon Effect: Business Agility and Adaptability Lessons

The Chameleon Effect: Business Agility and Adaptability Lessons



Stephen Parry discusses business agility and adaptation, covering Agile and Adaptive Business Dynamics, creating the right work-climate for success and moving from waterfall purpose to common purpose.


Stephen Parry is a multi-award winning business leader, strategist and author, with a global reputation for organizational transformation. He is author of the Sense and Respond, featured on the BBC, in the Harvard Business Review and secured his place on the judging panel for the National Business Awards. He founded Lloyd Parry in 2012.

About the conference

Many thanks for attending Aginext 2019, it has been amazing! We are now processing all your feedback and preparing the 2020 edition of Aginext the 19/20 March 2020. We will have a new website in a few Month but for now we have made Blind Tickets available on Eventbrite, so you can book today for Aginext 2020.

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Sep 01, 2019