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CoderDojo and Self Organization



Bill Liao keynotes on the scale-free self-organizing systems implemented by CoderDojo and how they can be used by other consumer software organizations that wants to achieve significant reach.


Bill Liao is a diplomat, investor, entrepreneur, business mentor, speaker and author. He founded/cofounded SOS Ventures,, the Coder Dojo movement. He authored Stone Soup; a Secret Recipe for Making Something from Nothing. Liao is a regular speaker at conferences and seminars including TED, The Globe Forum in Stockholm Sweden, The London School of Economics and many others.

About the conference

ACCU is an organisation for anyone interested in developing and improving programming skills. ACCU welcomes everyone who is interested in any programming language. ACCU supports its members by hosting mailing lists, running a yearly conference, publishing journals and organising online study groups.

Recorded at:

Jul 29, 2014