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Make Your Team's Domain Language Truly Ubiquitous with Concept Maps



James Ross discusses what concept maps are, how to construct one, what to do and what to avoid when creating one, and how to help a team build a shared mental model depicted in a concept map.


James Ross has played consultant, architect and development manager roles at various organizations. His interests of late have been the Theory of Constraints, and Systems Thinking. James is currently the Engineering Director at Envato Marketplaces. He is the coauthor of Beginning Algorithms, a book that takes a test-driven approach to the teaching of fundamental computer algorithms.

About the conference

Agile Australia is the annual conference for those looking to build better products, teams, and organisations; most recently held in Sydney in June 2015 and sponsored by ThoughtWorks, Accenture, Atlassian, elabor8, HP, Commonwealth Bank, Context Matters, and supported by the Agile Alliance. The 2-day conference is the place to network with thought-provoking international keynote speakers and Agile community leaders from across Australia and New Zealand.

Recorded at:

Jan 10, 2016