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Introduction to D3.js



Bryan Nehl introduces the D3.js visualization library, demonstrating and explaining the code behind some of the more practical and interesting visualizations and charts.


Bryan Nehl (@k0emt) - is a developer working on a team that does analysis on big data to improve processes in an enterprise environment. Bryan earned his Master of Software Engineering from Kansas State University and earned his B.A. in Psychology with Minor in Computer Information Systems from Columbia College. Outside of work, you might find Bryan out running, riding a bicycle or a Harley.

About the conference

The conference is a two-day, multi-track event that covers all aspects of software development, design and project management. We have speakers from all over the world who are industry experts that deliver both break-out sessions as well as hands-on workshops to further our attendee’s knowledge and understanding of the topics.

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Sep 16, 2016