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Extending Eclipse Flux



Martin Lippert and John Arthorne demo the creation of a cloud service with Flux, connecting it to a running Flux environment, and implement some basic features for a sample language.


Martin Lippert works at Pivotal on Eclipse-based developer tooling for the Spring framework, Cloud Foundry, and JavaScript. Martin ins co-leading Eclipse Flux and is also co-founder of it-agile GmbH. John Arthorne is co-lead on both the Orion and Flux projects. John is a member of the Eclipse Architecture Council, Eclipse Project PMC, and the Eclipse Foundation Board of Directors.

About the conference

EclipseCon North America is the annual conference for the Eclipse community. It is an opportunity for developers who use Eclipse technology to learn, explore, share and collaborate on the latest ideas and information about Eclipse technology and software development.

Recorded at:

Aug 07, 2015