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Screwing Up For Less



Stephen Hardisty presents how Etsy delivers products without having project managers, business analysts, or testers.


Stephen Hardisty is an engineering manager at Etsy in Brooklyn. During a 15 year career, he has worked for both multinationals and startups in telecommunications, security and web. Although recent years have been spent helping engineers to build web products, Stephen still loves to code and will ruin any good party by telling people why developers should do less programming.

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Aug 18, 2013

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  • Screwing Up For Less

    by Joe McKevitt,

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    A simple yet really interesting presentation on a different deliver model. It was especially interesting to hear that Esty achieve up to 40 deployments a day without the need for branching, spinning up new VM and a service oriented architecture. I also like the post mortem culture. I like the culture of making this transparent rather than the normal behind closed doors approach. Definitely a lot of interesting ideas presented.

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