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GitHub's GraphQL Future
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| by Kyle Daigle Follow 0 Followers on Oct 15, 2017 |

Kyle Daigle shares why GitHub chose GraphQL, how it differs from REST, how GitHub went about implementing it, and how they're using it in production a year later.


Kyle Daigle is an engineering manager at GitHub and helps build and improve its platform. Before GitHub, he built and integrated APIs for banks, credit unions, realtors, and small businesses. Kyle is passionate about using APIs to enable teams to collaborate more effectively. Kyle lives in Connecticut with his wife and son and enjoys a crisp New England apple on a fall day.

Entering its 12th year, the Emerging Technologies Conference has brought the leaders of the open source community to Philadelphia to teach about their projects, their work and how these technologies are changing software development. During this time, ETE has become one of the largest gatherings of developers in the mid-Atlantic.