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InfoQ Homepage Presentations How DevOps and the Cloud Changed Google Engineering

How DevOps and the Cloud Changed Google Engineering



Melody Meckfessel explores how Google's engineering teams use continuous delivery to build products and scale them, and how their strain of DevOps speeds launches and helps their engineering culture thrive. She also talks about how she thinks things will progress, and best practices for investing in tools and techniques today that will scale with your business tomorrow.


Melody Meckfessel leads a team of 200+ engineers responsible for Developer Infrastructure for Google and its Cloud platform. Her team builds highly scalable systems, from IDEs and automated test systems to deployment through Google’s massive production environment. She is a hands-on technical leader with 18 years of experience building and maintaining large-scale distributed systems.

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Dec 19, 2014

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Community comments

  • Excellent presentation

    by Richard Langlois,

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    I completely agree with Melody, being now DevOps, and using the cloud allows me to be much more effective at delivering features to our customer at Microsoft.

    Richard Langlois, Principal Software Engineer eCommerce, at Microsoft, Burlington, MA.

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