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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Self-Service Chaos Engineering: Fitting Gremlin into a DevOps Culture

Self-Service Chaos Engineering: Fitting Gremlin into a DevOps Culture



Doug Campbell shares how they rolled out Gremlin at Grubhub and how they educated and enabled all engineering teams to use it.


Doug Campbell is a site reliability engineer at Grubhub currently working on CI/CD tooling, including integrating chaos engineering into development workflows. Campbell is passionate about infrastructure automation and self-service tooling and has helped establish a DevOps culture at multiple organizations prior to joining Grubhub.

About the conference

Chaos Conf is a single-track conference for the Chaos Engineering community to come together, hear talks from Chaos practitioners, share their learnings, and take chaos engineering back to their organizations.

Recorded at:

Jan 03, 2021

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