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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Towards Specifications of Robustness - the Things That Programs do _not_ do

Towards Specifications of Robustness - the Things That Programs do _not_ do



Sophia Drossopoulou discusses holistic specifications", an extension of traditional program specifications that support the expression of robustness properties through a logic with spatial and temporal features.


Sophia Drossopoulou is Professor of Programming Languages at Imperial College London. She started her career in research in compilers, and in particular parsers and attribute grammars. She has also been working on type systems, module systems, ownership types, traits, type-state and session types for OO languages, and concurrency.

About the conference

Code Mesh LDN, the Alternative Programming Conference, focuses on promoting useful non-mainstream technologies to the software industry. The underlying theme is "the right tool for the job", as opposed to automatically choosing the tool at hand.

Recorded at:

Apr 19, 2019

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