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IoT for Big Machines



Jayant Thomas discusses Predix, GE’s IoT Cloud, and how one can use anomaly detection on an IoT cloud and scale it up for multiple industrial assets to provide insights about the big machines.


Jayant Thomas is the Director of Engineering for the IoT Application Platform for GE. He is responsible for building IoT SaaS applications using Predix platform, and specializes in building microservices based on reactive, event-driven systems. JT holds more than 12 patents in the speech language processing and multimodal application architectures.

About the conference

Our Global IoT conference will provide the most breadth and depth in the IoT space. Keynote speakers at our conference are considered to be leading experts in the IoT revolution. This 3 day event covers IoT developments in consumer, industrial , security and financial areas.

Recorded at:

Aug 19, 2017