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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Building IoT APIs - Dos and Don’ts

Building IoT APIs - Dos and Don’ts



Preeti Lovekar, Simon Lemay discuss the major components of an IOT platform, dos and don’ts when building APIs for them, common pitfalls and solutions using open source tools and standards.


Preeti Lovekar is an Enterprise Architect at Zebra Technologies, working on developing Zebra's IoT platform - Zatar. Simon Lemay has high interest in networking, standards and high concurrency, and he found a home working for Zebra Technologies on the Project Zatar.

About the conference

EclipseCon North America is the annual conference for the Eclipse community. It is an opportunity for developers who use Eclipse technology to learn, explore, share and collaborate on the latest ideas and information about Eclipse technology and software development.

Recorded at:

May 06, 2015