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InfoQ Homepage Presentations End-to-end IoT Solutions with Java and Eclipse IoT Technology

End-to-end IoT Solutions with Java and Eclipse IoT Technology



Benjamin Cabé provides concrete examples of how to build end-to-end solutions with the Eclipse IoT Java stack and projects such as Paho, Kura, Californium and Concierge.


Benjamin Cabé helps building bridges between Eclipse projects, and other open-source communities. You will often find him hacking with IoT gadgets and thinking about the next tutorial or presentation where he'll be able to share is passion for IoT. Outside of work, Benjamin loves traveling around the world with a camera around his neck. Blog:

About the conference

EclipseCon North America is the annual conference for the Eclipse community. It is an opportunity for developers who use Eclipse technology to learn, explore, share and collaborate on the latest ideas and information about Eclipse technology and software development.

Recorded at:

Apr 29, 2015