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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Beyond Lambdas & Streams - Functional Fluency in Java

Beyond Lambdas & Streams - Functional Fluency in Java



Naresha K discusses writing functional code in Java 8, the limitations and using Vavr to circumvent those limitations.


Naresha K is an Agile Coach at AgileFAQs. He has been developing enterprise software and coaching developers for more than 10 years. Naresha is the founder organiser of Bangalore Groovy Grails Meetup. He has been a speaker at several conferences including Selenium Conf, Functional Conf and Grails Conf India, GR8 Conf India, GIDS. He also writes regularly for 'Healthy Code' magazine.

About the conference

Functional Conf is a hardcore tech conference aimed at bringing together top-notch developers and thinkers, to build tomorrow's technology using Functional Programming concepts.

Recorded at:

May 13, 2018