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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Applying Java 8 Idioms to Existing Code

Applying Java 8 Idioms to Existing Code



Trisha Gee highlights the performance benefits of using Java 8. Gee demonstrates how to identify areas of code that can be updated to use Java 8 features, how to pick which changes will give the most benefit and how to automatically refactor a code to make use of features like lambdas and streams. She covers some of the pros and cons of using the new features.


Trisha Gee has developed Java applications for a range of industries, including finance, manufacturing, technology, open source and non-profit, for companies of all sizes. She has expertise in Java high performance systems, and is passionate about enabling developer productivity. Trisha is a leader of the Sevilla Java User Group, a key member of the London Java Community and a Java Champion.

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Sep 04, 2016