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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Understanding HotSpot JVM Performance with JITWatch

Understanding HotSpot JVM Performance with JITWatch



Chris Newland discusses performance-boosting techniques used by the JVM’s JIT and introduces JITWatch, a tool helping to get the best JVM performance for a code.


Chris Newland has more than 10 years’ experience in building trading platforms and market data systems in Java. He is interested in JVM performance and is the author of the open-source JITWatch tool which he has presented at JavaOne and has written about in Java Magazine.

About the conference

The Docklands.JLC is a community for Java developers and those with an interest in the JVM to get together monthly in the Docklands. The Docklands.LJC is proud to be part of the London Java Community.

Recorded at:

Apr 15, 2016