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Lightning Talks: Joy of Coding



In this series of short talks the authors address a wide range of topics from test automation with Cucumber, to technical debt, quantum computing, how to keep coding after 50, and others.


Erik Mulder Ton van Bart Egbert Teeselink Marit van Dijk Ella & Bas Jansen Angelo van der Sijpt Stanislava Potupchik Tjeerd Hans Terpstra

About the conference

The people behind Joy of Coding are an informal group, backed by a legal entity (the Devnology Foundation). We are organising this for fun, not for profit.

Session index:

  • 0:03 Tjeerd Hans Terpstra on An exceptional hello world
  • 4:39 Stanislava Potupchik on What’s so serious about that game?
  • 9:33 Angelo van der Sijpt on Quantum computing's developer perspective
  • 14:24 Erik Mulder on The joy of coding an adventure room
  • 18:53 Ella & Bas Jansen on Lessons learned from my daughter during our learn to code journey
  • 22:57 Egbert Teeselink on An ode to technical debt
  • 28:19 Ton van Bart on Developing after 50: how to avoid becoming a manager
  • 32:47 Marit van Dijk on Joy of acceptance test automation with Cucumber