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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Sibling Rivalry: Can lean approaches help integrate systems and software engineering?

Sibling Rivalry: Can lean approaches help integrate systems and software engineering?



We live in a world where our conceptual reach is on the verge of exceeding our technological grasp. Our ability to build these systems is increasingly challenged. Dr. Turner asserts that a significant part of the problem resides in a disconnect and a form of sibling rivalry between two critical development disciplines: systems and software engineering.


Dr. Richard Turner is a Distinguished Service Professor at Stevens Institute, a Visiting Scientist at the Software Engineering Institute of Carnegie Mellon University and a respected researcher and consultant with thirty years of international experience in systems, software and acquisition engineering. Dr. Turner has led process improvement initiatives across a broad range of disciplines.

About the conference

Lean Software and Systems Conference 2010 — the place to learn about Lean, Pull Systems and Kanban. Understand how established industrial engineering theory can apply to software development process. The conference will assist organizations that depend on software – from start-ups to those that build complex, software intensive products, systems & services – with the application of Lean Thinking throughout the enterprise.

Recorded at:

Jun 28, 2010

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