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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Ship Fast and Pay Attention: Five Lessons in Applying Observability

Ship Fast and Pay Attention: Five Lessons in Applying Observability



Dan Abel shares lessons learned from shipping more often with fewer tests, and how that built a better system for their users.


Dan Abel spent 25 years as a software engineer and technical lead, learning better ways to ship and get the feedback the team needs to be building the right thing. He uses his experience in kayak coaching to lead and guide teams, strengthen technical excellence and to grow technical leadership. He works as a principal engineer for Tes Global.

About the conference

Aginext is for advanced agilists. That means we need to listen to feedback and be eager to adapt to change. The COVID-19 pandemic makes our conference untenable in its existing co-located form. After careful consideration and collaboration with our team, our brilliant speakers, and our venue, we are moving the 2020 Aginext Conference Online.

Recorded at:

Jun 02, 2020

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