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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Look, No Mocks! Functional TDD with F#

Look, No Mocks! Functional TDD with F#



Mark Seemann uses F# to demonstrate how to use functional design with TDD to remove the need for Mock objects.


Mark Seemann is a Danish Programmer, creator of various open source software including AutoFixture. He is the author of “Dependency Injection in .NET.”

About the conference

Begun in 2012 this now annual conference hosted in Vilnius, Lithuania brings the best of the developer world to the Baltic's. The overall theme is building stuff, we have a heavy focus on lessons from trenches from the people that were there.

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Recorded at:

Mar 18, 2015

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Community comments

  • Code download

    by Dennis Yemelyanov,

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    Is the code for this article available somewhere? I'd like to look at the resulting F# tests.

  • Congratulate

    by Luciano Lima,

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    For damn sure one of the best talks that I've seen of F# and TDD. Hope to see more.

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