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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Molog: Typed Functional Logic Programming in Haskell

Molog: Typed Functional Logic Programming in Haskell



Adam C. Foltzer introduces Molog, a typed functional logic programming language written in Haskell.


Adam C. Foltzer is a life-long Schemer and current Haskeller who works in Research and Engineering at Galois, Inc. He learned relational programming from Professor Dan Friedman and Dr. Will Byrd while at Indiana University, and continues to work on it professionally and as a hobby.

About the conference

The miniKanren Confo is a special 4 hour conference about logic programming (in particular miniKanren). Dan Friedman and Will Byrd (co-authors of the Reasoned Schemer) will provide a keynote. The list of sessions can be found on the Clojure/West site.

Recorded at:

May 28, 2013

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