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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Better Project Forecasts without Estimates – The Monte Carlo

Better Project Forecasts without Estimates – The Monte Carlo



Adrian Fittolani introduces the Monte Carlo Simulation, an empirical mathematical method used to estimate project timelines.


Adrian Fittolani is a father, a runner, a developer, a guitarist, a handyman, a speaker, a sports coach, a dressmaker, a husband, a mechanic, a trainer and the Program Director at Envato. He considers himself to be good at only three of these things. A different three, depending on the week. He has a 16 years career in software, and is a member of Melbourne’s tech and agile community.

About the conference

Bringing together technology leaders from across Australia, the Agile Australia 2016 audience is a mixture of project and team leaders, coaches, software developers, testers, business analysts and the executive managers from the biggest enterprises to the youngest startups.

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Nov 06, 2016