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Primer on Neural Networks



Chase Aucoin introduces neural networks with examples and simple breakdowns about the math involved in a way accessible to a large audience.


Chase Aucoin is a passionate technologist. He has been fortunate to work with some of the best minds in enterprise-scale data, services, dev-ops, BI, and people management. His knowledge is the culmination of aprox 20 of the best professionals in these fields spanning more than 100 years of expertise. He is in a unique position for a developer to be as business savvy as he is technically gifted.

About the conference

We are developers that love to grow community, and we love the midwest. So it only makes sense that we would work to grow a developer community here. We work day jobs as developers, and spend our evenings herding speakers, wooing sponsors and organizing a fun, informative event. An event that we hope will help developers in the midwest become better developers. We do this because it's fun: stressful, exhausting, nerve-wracking, fun.

Recorded at:

Oct 25, 2017