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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Continuous Delivery of the Cloud Foundry Platform (as a service!)

Continuous Delivery of the Cloud Foundry Platform (as a service!)



Tushar Dadlani focuses on lessons learned while building the continuous integration pipeline for deploying Pivotal Cloud Foundry to production, demonstrating how the commitment of the team matters more than the specific tools they used.


Tushar Dadlani works at Pivotal as a cloud operations engineer. His primary focus is to improve the operability of Pivotal Web Services. He has a passion for understanding how Agile software engineering techniques can be applied to operations.

About the conference

SpringOne Platform brings together the people, process and tools for delivering and operating software services. Learn and share with the startups and enterprises leveraging modern Java with Spring connecting all the pieces of the modern software puzzle from developer, operator, architect, data scientist to executive.

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Sep 08, 2016