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InfoQ Homepage Presentations The Project Manager as a Positive Agent for Agile

The Project Manager as a Positive Agent for Agile



Graham Dick takes a look at the role of the PM, challenging PMs to become active advocates for Agile by further developing facilitation skills and leading a revolution in their organization.


Graham Dick has specialized in the rapid delivery of solutions to customer’s needs for over 30 years. Graham is an ICAgile accredited Trainer regularly delivering Agile Fundamentals training to new teams and also advanced Agile Facilitation and Coach training to aspiring Agile Coaches.

About the conference

Agile Tour London conference is a part of the Global Agile Tour. Since 2008, it has become a hugely successful worldwide event spanning 30 countries, creating a world-wide network of agile events open to everyone: from Confirmed Agile Practitioner to Agile Newbie. The 2nd London edition again allowed participants to increase their knowledge about Agile and discuss best practices.

Recorded at:

Jan 22, 2016