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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Enabling High Performance Real-time Analytics for IoT Environments

Enabling High Performance Real-time Analytics for IoT Environments



Mahish Singh discusses how to use methodologies during design, development, deployment and operation for delivery of analytics platforms which offer real-time SLAs.


Mahish Singh is co-founder and CTO at MityLytics Inc, which develops software for Continuous Performance Management of distributed applications in the cloud and on-premise. Manish and his teams have been developing products for Infrastructure providers and brought products from inception to deployment at various companies including GoGrid, Netscaler, Redback Networks/Ericsson, Ascend/Lucent.

About the conference

Our Global IoT conference will provide the most breadth and depth in the IoT space. Keynote speakers at our conference are considered to be leading experts in the IoT revolution. This 3 day event covers IoT developments in consumer, industrial , security and financial areas. - See more at:

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Sep 08, 2017