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Mastering Remote Meetings



Lisette Sutherland and Judy Rees conduct an interactive keynote where everyone engages with the tools and processes that make for better virtual meetings.


Lisette Sutherland is the director of Collaboration Superpowers. She also produces a weekly podcast featuring interviews with remote working experts. Judy Rees has introduced scores of trainers, coaches, and facilitators to the joy of live online training and facilitation – including within large organizations such as the RSA.

About the conference

While most conferences nowadays are just a series of pre-recorded or live streams cast to thousands, we are using the tooling you already use (Zoom, Slack) to foster a camera-on (if you want), fully engaging LIVE experience. Because we believe the only way to make it through 2020 is with the Power of Community.

Recorded at:

Jan 02, 2021