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Rust: Unlocking Systems Programming



Aaron Turon explains Rust's core notion of “ownership” and shows how Rust uses it to guarantee thread safety, amongst other things. He also talks about how Rust goes beyond addressing the pitfalls of C++ to do something even more exciting: unlock a new generation of systems programmers by providing a safe, high-level experience -- while never compromising on performance.


Aaron Turon manages the Rust team at Mozilla Research. His background is in low-level concurrency and programming language design.

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Feb 07, 2016

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Community comments

  • Great talk

    by Kris K,

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    Thanks for sharing this talk. It is very enlightening. If Mr. Aaron Turon is watching - can I request any talks/resources on "Strings in Rust". They seem to be tricky for some one coming from languages like C# or Java or even C++. Also can you share any talks/resources on how Mozilla is leveraging Rust in their own eco system would. Eg: does Mozilla use Rust based shared libraries in their main product lines etc.

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