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InfoQ Homepage Presentations RxJava and SWT: Out with Events, in with FRP

RxJava and SWT: Out with Events, in with FRP



Ned Twigg discusses using RxJava to wrap SWT events, looking at a few simple SWT UI's, and coding them using raw SWT and then again using RxJava.


Ned Twigg is CEO/Lead Software Architect at DiffPlug. He graduated from MIT with two bachelor's degrees: one in physics and one in aerospace engineering - none in software.

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Recorded at:

Apr 28, 2016

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Community comments

  • Good examples of RXJava application

    by Fred Janon,

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    Thanks for the presentation. I am always keen on good examples of RXxxx

  • From Insane Spaghetti to Reactive UIs

    by Lonnie VanZandt,

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    For a Guava/Scala guy here browsing the net for clean ways to handle coupled widgets in SWT, this talk by Ned was very comforting. I can't use RxJava on my project but at least I see that some other community has recognized the mess of spaghetti SWT listeners and has delivered a clean alternative.

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