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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Cool and Ripe for Exploitation: Search-Based Software Engineering (SBSE)

Cool and Ripe for Exploitation: Search-Based Software Engineering (SBSE)



Christopher Simons suggests using SBSE to iterated through multiple possible solutions and select the one that performs the best, offering insight into some available tools and techniques.


Christopher Simons currently actively researches in the field of Search-Based Software Engineering (SBSE). Chris is a member of ACCU, the British Computer Society and is a Certified IT Professional. He lectures at the University of the West of England, Bristol and has a PhD in interactive, evolutionary computation for early lifecycle software design.

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ACCU is an organisation for anyone interested in developing and improving programming skills. ACCU welcomes everyone who is interested in any programming language. ACCU supports its members by hosting mailing lists, running a yearly conference, publishing journals and organising online study groups.

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Jun 27, 2014