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Kent Beck addresses several questions: Why are programmers so often ill at ease with themselves? What can we do to become comfortable in our own skins? What might happen as a consequence?


Kent Beck is a programmer at Facebook, where he coaches, researches software engineering, and works on infrastructure projects. He is also the founder and director of Three Rivers Institute (TRI). His contributions to software development include patterns for software, the rediscovery of test-first programming, xUnit, and Extreme Programming. He authored multiple books.

About the conference

The inaugural Agile Singapore Conference was themed around Producing Software, Professionally. Speakers included Jim McCarthy, David Hussman, Kent Beck, Tom Gilb, Kevlin Henney and Bas Vodde who hosted some of the 26 talks and workshops during the two day event.

Recorded at:

Mar 23, 2014

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Community comments

  • Touched me deeply. Great Really helpful

    by EYAL GOLAN,

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    I wrote a short blog post about it.

  • Two more point

    by EYAL GOLAN,

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    In the last few days, I thought of another two points:

  • Clear vision of the future

  • A good developer (well, any employee) wants to know that he/she has a career path.
    I will be more at ease if "I know where I'm going from here"

  • Professional and flourishing environment

  • A good developer will feel much more comfortable (at ease) in an environment of people he/she can learn from.
    The team should be diverse enough so everyone can learn from everyone else and mentor others.
    A good developer will feel at ease if he/she is surrounded with members who have the same passion as him (for technology, clean-code or whatever)


  • I appreciate his candor

    by McKay Graybill,

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    It's hard to imagine someone not being able to relate to a lot of the things he brings up here. I'd rather have projects and relationships with problems out in the open and people whom I trust than with hidden or ignored problems and people about whom I always have to wonder.

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