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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Pragmatic Resiliency: Super 6 & Sky Bet Evolution

Pragmatic Resiliency: Super 6 & Sky Bet Evolution



Michael Maibaum talks about the reality of adapting a complex set of interacting, highly coupled applications to make them more resilient and better able to cope with failure. He discusses how to manage the trade-offs of improving a technology platform while delivering to a business in a hugely competitive environment with ever growing customer demand.


Michael Maibaum is chief architect at Sky Betting & Gaming. He started out as a geneticist and molecular biologist, moving from wet-lab experiments to bioinformatics, then manufacturing systems, and telecoms in various engineering and architecture roles. He is interested in solving problems, big data, scalable systems, company culture and ways of working, open source, Agile, science, and genetics.

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Jun 20, 2018