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The Evolution of the Agile Coach



Erin McManus and Fiona Siseman discuss Agile coaching at Spotify, its evolution, struggles and pitfalls, and how coaches are set up for present and future success.


Erin McManus is an Engineering Manager at Spotify and a passionate Agile practitioner. Fiona Siseman is an Agile Coach Manager at Spotify.

About the conference

AgileAus relies on the goodwill of a diverse and welcoming cohort of community members who are united in their belief in the value that can be created by Agile.We welcome you to make connections that matter, stay in the loop and receive ideas and inspiration you need to motivate you along your journey by joining the community.

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Dec 07, 2019

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Community comments

  • Pournelle's Law?

    by Peter Merel,

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    The beauty of the old Kniberg videos is their support for autonomy. I didn't hear about that in this presentation. I heard what sounds like an old-style command and control hierarchy with agile coaches micro-managing "micro-interactions" like some old soviet thought police. I haven't visited Spotify so I really have no basis for criticizing what you're doing there now - or what was done there back in Kniberg's day. But this description sounds like a Pournellian bureaucracy to me. Can you say a bit more about how autonomy works in the organization today?

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