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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Testing with Spring 4.3, JUnit 5, and beyond

Testing with Spring 4.3, JUnit 5, and beyond



Sam Brannen gives an overview of the latest core integration testing improvements in Spring 4.3, covers recent improvements in Spring MVC Test and shifts to what kinds of testing features to expect in Spring 5.0. And last, but not least, he dives into live examples using Spring's upcoming support for JUnit 5 for modern testing on Java 8 and beyond.


Sam Brannen is an enterprise Java developer with over 17 years of experience and co-founder of Swiftmind, a software consulting agency in Zurich, Switzerland. He helps international clients achieve best practices in software development, architecture, design, implementation, and testing of enterprise Java applications using the Spring Framework, JUnit, and a plethora of open source technologies.

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Nov 18, 2016