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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Tardis: Affordable Time-Travel Debugging in Managed Runtimes

Tardis: Affordable Time-Travel Debugging in Managed Runtimes



Earl Barr, Mark Marron discuss building time-travel debuggers for managed languages, implemented with Tardis, and enabling developers to investigate what happened prior hitting a bug.


Earl Barr is a member of the System Software Engineering Group and the Centre for Research on Evolution, Search and Testing (CREST) at the University College London. Mark Marron is Senior Research Software Development Engineer @ Microsoft Research (Redmond Lab) in the RiSE Group.

About the conference

SPLASH — the ACM SIGPLAN conference on Systems, Programming, Languages and Applications: Software for Humanity — embraces all aspects of programming, languages, and software construction and delivery. It incorporates OOPSLA, Onward!, the Dynamic Languages Symposium, and a host of workshops, panels, tutorials, demonstrations and invited talks.

Recorded at:

Feb 04, 2015