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InfoQ Homepage Presentations The Changing Role of a Leader When Scaling Agile

The Changing Role of a Leader When Scaling Agile



Nick Winwright discusses the changes he as a leader has gone through to scale from 15 Scrum teams to 27 in three years.


Nick Winwright is the Programme Delivery Director at Totaljobs Group. Currently interested in running lots of experiments on how different behaviours affect communities and teams in the workplace with the aim of continually promoting a positive culture that facilitates great product development.

About the conference

Agile Tour London is a conference about Agile in its general approach, where agilists of all background can meet to exchange ideas, refresh their minds, evaluate issues and renew their own approach to Execute Everyday Agile. Join us at Agile Tour London 2019, dive into hands-on workshops and engaging talks, exchange opinions with fellow agilists and meet directly some of the most amazing speakers of the community. Whether you are an agile newbie or an Expert Agilist, this is the conference you can't afford to miss.

Recorded at:

Jun 14, 2020