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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Scaling up Near Real-Time Analytics @Uber &LinkedIn

Scaling up Near Real-Time Analytics @Uber &LinkedIn



Chinmay Soman and Yi Pan discuss how Uber and LinkedIn use Apache Samza, Apache Calcite and Pinot. They talk about their analytics platform AthenaX used by data scientists and engineers for specifying data transformations and make it available for querying by real-time dashboards & maps within minutes. Then they focus on what happens under the hood and challenges faced with respect to scale.


Yi Pan is a Distributed Systems Engineer at Linkedin. He joined Linkedin in 2014 and has quickly become the lead of Samza team in LinkedIn and a Committer and PMC member in Apache Samza. Chinmay Soman is a software engineer at Uber, where he builds a self-service platform for doing near real-time analytics. His areas of interest include distributed systems and security.

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Mar 30, 2017