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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Why UX Should Be an Integral Part of Your Agile Workflow

Why UX Should Be an Integral Part of Your Agile Workflow



Kevin Guenther discusses the make-up of a robust UX team and breaks down examples from industry leaders who have discovered how to weave BA, UX and developers together into an Agile machine.


Kevin Guenther is a Principal Consultant of User Experience (UX) Design, Kevin helps define and drive the future of Online clients’ digital experiences. He identifies and sets product strategies, envisions UX ecosystems and inspires project teams to push the boundaries of what’s possible. Kevin brings with him 20 years of knowledge in human-computer interaction and excellence in design execution.

About the conference

Deliver is a conference that brings people together to uncover better ways to deliver software and provide value within your organization and for your customers.Deliver is a conference for designers, testers, architects, project managers, developers, business analysts, product managers, infrastructure professionals, and others.

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Mar 15, 2020

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