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InfoQ Homepage Presentations Forging ahead - Scaling the BBC into Web/2.0

Forging ahead - Scaling the BBC into Web/2.0



Dirk Willem discusses the changes underway at the BBC, a top 5 destination in the UK. The changes focus on replacing static HTML with dynamic technologies, web/2.0 and social networking, empowering the creative staff to better communicate with their audience. Also covered: techniques used to achieve massive scaling and coping with transaction speeds that exceed relational database capabilities.


Dirk-Willem is an Internet engineering, consulting and project delivery expert, and has worked for the European Commission's JRC, the United Nations, and several telecom/satellite and space agencies. Dirk was the President of the Apache Software Foundation and has worked on the Apache WebServer since the early days of the NCSA. He is currently the Chief Technical Architect at the BBC.

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Sep 02, 2009

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Community comments

  • Sort of like...

    by Alex Worden,

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    Can we put an electric collar on this guy and shock him every time he says "Sort of like". Are you kidding me? THIS guys is in charge of IT at the BBC???

  • Re: Sort of like...

    by Fernando Troya,

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    If I'd know half the things THIS guy knows I wouldn't care much about the way I talk. IMHstO this is a classy presentation. He addresses issues that concern most developers more than once in our careers and he does it in a very constructive way, walking us through all the layers with as much detail as needed to get the whole picture. I enjoyed it, sort of like.

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