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Women in Agile and the Confidence Code



Kelly Snavely explores the roots of confidence and the gender gap between men and women. The talk is inspired by the book 'The Confidence Code' by Katty Kay and Claire Shipman.


Kelly Snavely is a passionate agilest focusing on helping teams and organizations discover how to maximize the value they get from applying and scaling Agile principles. Kelly spent 5 years doing large scale Agile transformation at Capital One. She recently joined Lexis Nexis as the Lead Lean Agile Coach helping the company implement Agile at Scale in pragmatic way.

About the conference

2½ days of authentic short stories and facilitated deep dives on business agility; focusing on organisational design, market disruption and product innovation, agile outside IT and next-gen leadership.

Recorded at:

Jul 09, 2017