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Tomas Rybing on Product Radar

by Savita Pahuja on  Nov 17, 2015 1

Tomas Rybing shared the concept of product radar. This post covers the concept of product radar and covers author's view-point on this.

How to Descale an Organization

by Savita Pahuja on  May 27, 2015 1

There are many frameworks available for scaling Agile. In contrast to the concept of scaling Agile, there is a belief of descaling the organization.

Ravello Discusses Development and Testing at Deutsche Telekom

by Rui Miguel Ferreira on  May 13, 2014

Deutsche Telekom is using Ravello Systems' nested virtualization solution in its development and testing cycles and in the configuration management process as well. The Ravello’s appliance helps Deutsche Telekom to spread their solutions globally, following the principles of flexibility and agility pursued by them.

Q&A with Atlassian product marketing specialist Dave Meyer on Connect 1.0 and Atlassian Verified

by Savita Pahuja on  Mar 27, 2014

InfoQ spoke to Atlassian product marketing specialist Dave Meyer on new product releases - Atlassian Connect 1.0 and Atlassian Verified.

Developing Stable Teams, and Dealing with Dysfunctions

by Ben Linders on  Apr 04, 2013

Having stable teams can be beneficial for agile software development. Several views on establishing and nurturing stable teams, and dealing with team dysfunctions.

VersionOne announce TeamRoom in latest release

by Shane Hastie on  Nov 07, 2012

VersionOne have announced the next release of their Application Lifecycle Management product, with a focus on providing capabilities that directly support the activities of development teams, while still servicing the need for larger organization-wide consolidation and reporting. VersionOne CEO Robert Holler spoke to InfoQ about the Fall 2012 product release.

Infrastructure Made Easy for Agile Software Teams

by Vikas Hazrati on  Nov 12, 2008 2

Getting the right infrastructure set up is instrumental for the success of Agile software teams. Teams now have the option of deploying a fresh infrastructure using Buildix or using an online workspace provided by Assembla to kick start their project in no time.

VersionOne announces V1: Team Edition

by Mike Bria on  May 26, 2008

VersionOne recently launched V1: Agile Team giving smaller projects a tool to get started with planning and tracking Agile projects. With V1: Agile Team a single team has the capability to their product and sprint backlogs, get interactive "taskboards" and "testboards" for day to day development activities, view progress of activities through various reports and burn graphs, and more.

VersionOne adds Taskboard, Subversion/Fitnesse Integration and Free Community Edition

by Geoffrey Wiseman on  Apr 20, 2007 4

VersionOne, the maker of Agile Enterprise, one of the leading agile project management tools, has released two significant versions of their platform within the past few months: a free five-user community edition and a new release of their Agile Enterprise/Team platform with Subversion and Fitnesse integration as well as a new dynamic Taskboard view.

Opinion: Steve Jones's SOA Vendor Ratings

by Stefan Tilkov on  Mar 26, 2007

Steve Jones has written a blog entry where assesses the main SOA vendors' offerings, including IBM, BEA, Oracle, SAP, Sun, and Microsoft, using a wide range of categories.